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  We invite you to enjoy your holiday here on the Island of Menorca, enjoy the culture, geography, geology, archaeology, fauna, flora and climate... enjoy the islands tranquillity, the contrast of the scenery and monuments, it's local fiestas and village life, the beaches... enjoy an unforgettable holiday here in Menorca with us.
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Menorca is the most oriental and northern of the Balearic Islands approximately 48 Kilometres long and 18 kilometres wide. It is the second largest island which forms the Balearic Archipelago with a surface area of some 702square meters and a perimeter of 290km which followed either on foot or by bicycle along the Cami de Cavalls which runs along the coastline. You can also get to know the coastline by sea by boat or kayak and discover many hidden delights.

The climate is typically Mediterranean. The temperature can vary between the average 25º in summer to 12º during the winter. The winds which blow across the island are also varied such as the warm Migjorn, the humid Xaloc and Llebeig, the strong Gregal and Mestral. The most outstanding of these is the Tramontana, a cold and dry wind which can reach speeds of up to 100kmph. The influence of this wind can be seen clearly the affect it has had on the islands scenery as the majority of the islands trees point to the south.

Menorca can be considered an open air museum due to the abundance of prehistoric monuments which can be found such as prehistoric villages, navetas, taulas and talayots which can be visited by archaeological lovers.

Menorca has a long cultural history which can be seen in the traditions of their local fiestas such as San Juan, in which the true protagonist is the native breed of horse. There can also be found a variety of crafts, folkloric dances and museums which can bring us closer to the cultural reality of the island.

The cheeses and sausages, the gin, lobster stew, menorquin ensaimada... are just a few of the typical local products.

Apart from the tourism industry there can still be found fishing, agriculture and the leather and costume jewellery industries.

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